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Services available:

All packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) include three different offers to accommodate the Bride, her family and close Friends included meeting individual needs

Specific services available:

  • Hair and Make-up Gallery

  • Hair Colour change includes Cut and Style

  • False Eyelashes

  • Eyebrow design and define

  • Spray Tan

  • Gel Nails

  • Trials and tribulations


Health suite:

  • Six or Fifteen-week Personal Fitness program

  • One to One Induction

  • Nutrition and Weight Management program

  • Areas for discussion

  • Goal setting

  • Target accomplishment

  • Review previous and present goal

  • Adapt and introduce new ideas

  • Hair and Health update

  • Star quality satisfaction overview

  • Ascertain any further changes

What is A Wedding Planner?

A wedding is a joyful, happy affair by its very nature

Wedding planners are personal assistants for the happy couple. They are also accountants who specialise in wedding finances, as well as people with great creative visions

We take ideas and turn them into a reality. Manage personal budget, make sure that everything goes right on the day, and help you finalise the details of the wedding once the big day is over

Additional services:

1st Class Fitness


Nutrition and Health / Weight Management programs

Qualifications can be viewed on request

For further information contact:


The perfect approach to your wedding

My services include:

All aspects of Hairdressing Including Gents

Selective treatments in Beauty as follows:

  • Waxing: eyebrows or other facial areas

  • Tinting and 'Henna' treatments for the eyebrow / lashes;

  • Semipermanent 'Kalentin' Classic Lash extensions

  • Facials: Supercial facial or 'Opatra' Dermisonic non-surgical Face Lift

  • Makeup to accommodate any formal event ie. weddings, parties, birthday's, seasonal events

  • Standard manicure & pedicure

  • 'Cuccio' LED Gel Nails - Natural and Enhancements

  • Tantruth Temporary Spray Tan (lasts up to 4/5 days)


I am also a Skincare consultant for Neils Yard's Remedies Organic  (NYRO) therefore products can be purchased by myself. All cosmetic products including makeup will be organic, promoting the green of the land, therefore, soil certified and vegan

I hold a Diploma in Wedding Planning. This entails and entitles me to organise and manage the requirements when putting a wedding project together (before, during and after)

I would like to attract the Asian community also as I hold a certificate in Bridal Makeup for all skin colours, types and textures promoting the Opatra Dermisonic non-surgical Face Lift. The organic cosmetic products and makeup I use to promote healthy glowing skin: helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to combat acne and blemished skin conditions and many more problematic areas

I am also an Exercise to Music Instructor / Personal Trainer hence why I wish to offer wedding packages in Bronze, Silver or Gold which (Silver and Gold) will provide healthy eating plans, one to one reviews and regular monitoring to meet personal goal and

individual needs and wants

A thorough Client Consultation will be carried out free of charge for the first 30 mins* (charges incurred thereafter)

Why Your WeddingWishes?

Organic,  Vegan & Soil Certified





Beautiful hair-cuts

Stunning Makeup














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